A Change in Mindset

What else is possible? A huge shift in perception needs to take place in neonatology. Currently, infants with nursing issues, reflux, colic, indigestion, gas, and constipation are “healthy.” “No need for concern because they will grow out of it.”….That mindset has to dramatically change for both parents and the health profession. Step 1: CFT for infants can CORRECT these and other conditions. Even better….Step 2: The BBS/CFT at birth can PREVENT these and other conditions. Since neonatology began in the 1950s, it has made huge strides. But this is the 21st century and a new day has arrived. We need to go from the point where parents are very fortunate to have a happy and healthy baby to where it is the EXPECTED NORM for ALL parents. I cannot wait for the day.

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