A New Standard of Preventative Care

Many health professionals approach common infant conditions like colic, reflux, nursing issues, indigestion, and constipation as a normal part of life. After all, it has always been this way since the beginning of time. People may have told you that you have a “healthy” baby with any of these combinations of conditions, and really, not to worry, your baby will grow out of it………We believe that mindset needs a complete overhaul. In reality these babies have undiagnosed strain in their craniosacral fascial systems causing these conditions. The unfortunate thing is if left untreated, this strain can continue to cause suffering throughout life. For example, reflux is a common problem in infancy. If all babies grow out of it, why are there about 60 million people in America who still have acid reflux symptoms at least once a week?……..Even more importantly, we believe that these babies should never have these issues if they have the Baby Brain Score at birth to identify a potential problem and craniosacral fascial therapy in the first few days of life to help correct it. We believe that a new standard of preventative care will be coming in this century that redefines a “healthy” baby.

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