Archer at Birth – TMJ

Baby Day Post: This is the quick story of an adult woman who was referred to me by her TMJ dentist in Baltimore. She came in with various symptoms and has spent her adult life (30 plus years) searching for natural modalities that could help. She diligently peeled her onion with CFT for months with various pains coming and going and some nasty detox days. Last week around the 40th visit when I worked the TMJ areas, she went into a severe arching pattern. Her neck went into strong whiplash and her back quickly followed. She reported today that she felt much better this past week. The arching that I felt/saw with her was the same that we see for the infants at baby day. I assume she was an archer at birth and had TMJ then. This is a common finding at Baby Day. Over the years we learned that NONE of the infant conditions cleared until the arching was COMPLETELY gone. Sooooo how many millions of people on the planet are living with jaw, head, neck, back, and low back pain who were archers at birth? No treatment will fully clear it until the onion has been peeled and the arching strained cleared. Another great reason why the BBS/CFT needs to be done at birth to prevent a lifetime of suffering. Without this newborn research, I would have been clueless. Thank you Kristen and Mike; we are truly Blessed.

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