Baby Day History

October 2012 marks the 5th anniversary of our first Baby Day class. This ground-breaking event occurred at a large Mennonite farmhouse in Lititz, Pa. Six teachers (Joan Martin, Ruthie Sensenig, Christa Hunter, Pat Nicolas, Christine Holefelder, and myself) taught 6 students with 8 Mennonite babies and moms. There were no teacher salaries, and instead of the typical seminar fee, I asked for donations. Everyone had a great day………Looking back, I feel that we were the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk. I am still very grateful for everyone involved in that effort. For the record I gave Joan $500 to pay the nice Mennonite family for the room and the great vegetarian buffet. I received $300 in teaching donations for the day. It is good to know that you can change the world for $200.

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