“Bulletproof” or Structural Immunity

I spoke with a dad yesterday whose baby girl was in our Bird-in-Hand research study. Now at seven years of age, she is fully independent, has many talents, and is very smart. He also said that she was “bulletproof”; she could have physical trauma and recover quicker than her older brothers. When she gets sick, which is rare, she gets over it right away.

Krissy, Mike, and I saw this totally unexpected phenomenon with our research children. We said that the child had “structural immunity” (post of 2/22/2012) or as dad said, his daughter was “bulletproof”. We believe that once the craniosacral fascial system is fully open and functioning well in infancy, the child can maintain structural integrity for an extended period of time.

We just do not know for how long? It would be great if “structural immunity” could last a lifetime, making the work at birth even more valuable. Time will tell.

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