Cellular Metabolism

Classical biology is all about cellular metabolism. The cool thing about CFT is that the craniosacral fascial system attaches to every structural cell in the body. Few people know that the body has this Internet-like web where all of the cells can communicate with each other. So during the release of a strain pattern with CFT, literally every cell is in play for possible correction.

I believe that the power of the work resides in the possibility that structural strain within a cell may affect its function. If the pattern goes through an entire organ, every cell could possibly be affected. What if a child has fascial strain running through her/his pancreas from a birth trauma affecting the production of insulin? S(he) could possibly be diagnosed later in life with hypoglycemia/diabetes when CFT could possibly rebalance the system.

Now we are looking purely at this system through the eyes of our clinical results. In the future basic scientific research will shed more light on this cellular metabolic aspect.

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