CFT at Birth – Delaware

So I just wanted to elaborate on the incredible experience I was able to share with Krissy yesterday….First I have never had the pleasure of working with a baby who was so “new” what a privilege I felt for the parents to believe in CFT and want us there so soon after birth…Dad reported the baby was sleepy and needed to be aroused as Krissy reported he was not nursing…So when we arrived the baby was in the little bassinet next to mom…of course being a PT I looked at how he was positioned and what his extremities were doing…He looked very uncomfortable eyes closed but fussy and moving about his hands were fisted and out of his swaddle the top of his nose was white without color and around the lips were blue with increased redness on his cheeks…We had mom attempt to nurse and he had difficulty latching and very poor suck..he attempted 2 sucks but would fall back to sleep but again was not a restful sleep…We began our assessment …babies this young should be very comfortable in a position of whole body flexion this little boy was not… very difficult to bring hips up his sacrum was locked..it was extremely difficult to get into his mouth to either TMJ both sides extremely tight…We started with me at the hips and Kris working in the mouth we had many good releases…it is amazing how willing a newborn is to unwind..we worked mouth and hips gave him a break, we worked hips and shoulders again several nice releases…we gave him a longer break..we then went back in the mouth this time i was in the mouth and Kris at his hips..TMJ were still tight but not as tight as initially..I then moved to the Palate which held a lot of strain and a notable ridge was felt on the left side of the palate which seemed to melt away with Krissy working at his hips…We finished and then helped Mom to try nursing again..She utilized a football hold and he rooted at the breast right away which he did not do at the initial attempt before we started our work and he was able to latch and nurse for 5 minutes…he actually was opening his mouth this time and demonstrating a suck which mom could feel …(she had not even felt the suck on the initial )…she was able to switch sides and he nursed for 5 more minutes on the other side…WOW WOW WOW..it was enough to bring me to tears …I told Kris I felt like walking around to all the rooms on that unit and asking the parents if we could work on their babies..LOL every baby deserves this work and needs this work…When we left Kris called me and we were talking about what the future would hold for this baby if we had not seen him…from a PT perspective he would have not even have been seen by me for several months when he began not reaching milestones which is likely with how rigid his lower extremities were due to his locked sacrum…and most likely he would not able to be nursed and likely parents would have had difficulty even having him bottle-fed …he could have been a failure to thrive baby due to his poor suck and inability to get enough nutrition..But thankfully we don’t need to think about this for this beautiful baby…I feel extremely blessed to be able to do this work..we just need more people trained so that every baby is able to receive this amazing life changing work:) – with Kristina Griffing.

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