CFT at Birth – Pennsylvania

We are so excited to see all of the posts of CFT at birth. Please share with the group and keep them coming. We will permanently post them by state/country on the website too. We strongly encourage that CFT be done as soon as possible for more relaxed sessions for all. In our 6 years of research most of the infants we saw were 4 weeks or older. Their strain patterns were locked in with their conditions. We did see a few in the days-old category. Their CFT was easier, and they became strain-free quicker. But we did notice something unusual and very unexpected. A strain-free baby at two weeks may present with a condition like reflux at 5 weeks or later. How could that be? Then we realized the possibility that the newborn has created an “onion” of trauma over the 9 months and was not ready to release all of the strain immediately. Our main CFT philosophy: The body releases it strain in its own time frame; it knows best how to heal itself. So when that newborn is strain-free at 10 days, have mom keep an eye out. There may be another layer or two in their body. Also the boys may need to be checked after circumcision. If the baby is being vaccinated, the sacrum may restrict causing issues. So everyone needs to be vigilant in the newborn’s developmental process.

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