One of the main goals of our newborn research was to define a truly healthy baby. We found that today’s definition including nursing issues, reflux, colic, and digestive issues is completely unacceptable. Once you acknowledge trauma restricting the craniosacral fascial system, these conditions can be categorized as abnormal newborn/infant physiology. But the issue of constipation puzzled us. To be honest we had no idea what “normal” is. We heard from some professionals that having a bowel movement once a week or longer is “normal” since breast milk is the perfect food with little solid waste. We also heard that once or twice a day is “normal” and everything in between. As the fascia released around every GI structural cell, our research results pointed to at least one bowel movement a day as “normal”. We really will not know until large numbers of treated newborns are studied. But we are very confident in saying that craniosacral fascial strain in the intestinal area can cause constipation by impeding the normal peristalsis of the GI tract.

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