I have written a lot about the health benefits of the BBS/CFT/IDM model. But I have not mentioned the possible ramifications of the educational component. From what I have seen clinically in 35 years of infant work, I believe that once this model becomes the standard care at birth, you will see a generation of VERY smart children. You will see less children who are academically challenged. You will see less ADD and ADHD children. In fact, most children will be what is now considered “gifted”. The important educational factor that I see in the future is that the system will have to respond to meet the higher needs of these children. The children may indeed be “smarter” than the teachers. smile emoticon Everyone in education is going to have to step up to keep these children from being bored at school……I find Philadelphia interesting where education is a very high priority with seemingly a private school on every street corner. I say this with love…..someday parents will figure out that excellent brain motion and function of the craniosacral fascial system may have a direct correlation to their child’s success at school and life.

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