Full Body Infant Strains

Someone might ask, how do we know that craniosacral fascial strains can run the full body?

In our infant work we had a unique way of research therapy. One person would hold the legs/pelvis, the second person the trunk, and the third person the neck/head. If I am feeling strain in the right leg/pelvis, Mike would feel it in the trunk, and Krissy would feel it in the neck/head. We would talk it out as the strain started, became prominent, and then released.

This connect-the-dot pattern lead us to the fact that most upper body issues started as pelvic birth trauma. That lingering TMJ/breastfeeding issue would not clear until the pelvic strain fully cleared. There may have been direct trauma to the upper body, but deeper in the onion was most often pelvic strain pulling into the upper structures.

We saw this repeatedly for hundreds of babies over a six-year period. From feedback from our students, we believe it is a global problem.

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