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Following are select Gillespie Approach testimonials. I enjoy receiving this kind of feedback from my patients as it helps me grow in providing Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy and helps inspire others to book their first session.

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Lauren Mitchell

I took my sister to see Dr. G today! She has been complaining of neck and upper/middle back pain for a long time. Her journey with him began with the work and treatment that her daughter Makenzie received at just 7 days new. At one point during her early weeks of breast feeding her milk was not coming in quickly due to fascia strain. With some CFT that was easily changed. She never took anytime for her body to be worked on getting into the deep layers of fascia that hold onto years of trauma going all the way back to utero. It was always addressing Makenzie’s tightness or issues like breastfeeding. Well today was the day!

When you walk into Dr. Gs office you know you are there on a journey but you are never really quite sure where that journey is going to take you. Deep in the layers of your body’s fascia hold a story…

Her body naturally went into an arch starting high up into her neck. These pictures show that she was an archer in utero with the cord wrapped around her neck. You can clearly see the red marks/lines that resemble exactly where the umbilical cord was wrapped, most likely several times. The fascia remembers the trauma from the cord being wrapped and when you take your first breath that’s when it kicks in! Fascia remembers the birth trauma! Fascia remembers all of the trauma!!!

My message is that treatment at birth or within a week of birth is so crucial because if you wait to long the fascia is locked in and the body has compensated. That is when the symptoms start to present them selves. TMJ, tongue tie, torticollis, latching issues, colic, chronic ear infections, migraines, ADD and ADHD, speech delay, just to name a few.

Getting CFT as a newborn will create a lifetime of structural immunity! Sign me up! I’m sure she will comment below about how she is feeling now.

Gillespie Approach - Craniosacral Fascial Therapy testimonials - Lauren Mitchell

Brian Rossiter

Holistic health guide,

Dr. Barry Gillespie opens windows in your brain you never knew you had, getting your brain to breathe and improving cognitive function. Dr. Loose, as he’s known, also has the magic touch when it comes to releasing strain, which can hold people back from living as they’re designed and in their purest essence. I have benefited from multiple sessions with Dr. Gillespie and learned so much about Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy during a seminar I took in April 2016. I recommend Dr. Gillespie’s patient and educational services and am happy to know he’s working hard to give every newborn the best opportunity to thrive in life.