Happy Mom

Hi, I’m a mother who has been taking my baby boy, Rhone, to baby day in Dover. Rhone has had 4 treatments and I am very pleased with the progress. He started the treatment at 4 weeks old and is currently 3 months old. I had a great working pregnancy but was on my feet for 8-10 hours at a time up until I went in to labor and had a very long labor with Rhone. At 4 weeks old he was becoming more and more fussy and screaming lots. ‘Normal’ baby stuff I’m sure. Almost immediately after the first treatment we noticed a difference. Less fussiness. Less screaming. After the second treatment, more smiling, more content. After the third and fourth treatment, we were convinced we had the happiest baby in the world. Rhonebug is a smiling machine! He still has some strain so we continue to take him to Krissy, Bertha, and Bridgette in Dover for treatment. We think its great. Revolutionary. Well done!

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