The “fussiness” issues for newborns respond beautifully to CFT. But some more involved medical conditions like hydrocephalus may or may not respond positively to CFT. I have seen enough cases over the years to create a possible model. If the ventricles are formed properly but are compressed or twisted due to trauma, the newborn may have a successful resolution with CFT. For example, if the aqueduct of Sylvius connecting the third and fourth ventricles is restricted, CFT may help to relieve the pressure, open it, and allow normal cerebrospinal fluid flow. But if the ventricles are formed improperly, CFT will not correct the pathological neuroanatomy……..This can be extrapolated to other organs too. If a kidney is healthy except for severe fascial strain restricting its function, we would expect a good result. But if the kidney is diseased with additional fascial strain, we would not expect a good result. The great benefit of CFT at birth is that newborns do not usually have the toxicity and other issues of adults. The healing potential appears to be much greater at birth.

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