In Utero Trauma

In our ninth year of the infant CFT/IDM work, we can take our clinical observations and create a hypothetical model. Birth trauma can happen anytime during gestation. The general trend is that more compressive prolonged trauma occurs in utero than we had originally thought. If a baby had a difficult delivery over a short time, that strain seemed to resolve much faster than a pressurized in utero twisting strain. What possibly made the in utero strain more difficult to relieve was the rapid fascial growth in utero. If the fascia developed normally and was twisted at birth, the web could spring back to normal easier with CFT/IDM. But If the fetal fascia was twisted over time, that distorted growth pattern would have to be worked out with more visits. I am not even sure if that strain could be worked out completely. We would have to assume that the fascial web was normal in the embryonic stage with no strain.

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