Infant Cognitive Function

A mom presented with her 14-month-old torticollis baby. The chiropractor said his hips and right leg are always out of alignment. He started to creep on his hands and knees at one year and cannot stand, walk, or even talk now.

This post connects the cognitive function as part of the torticollis. The restriction of the craniosacral fascial system applies to both aspects. He presented with a locked-down zero brain/sacral cycle. The classical pelvic corkscrew CFT effect twisted not only up his trunk into his shoulders but created strain around his brain. Just by starting to work out the pelvic strain with no upper body therapy in the first two visits, his brain cycle opened to 120 seconds.

CFT/IDM is great for many structural conditions, but is just as, if not more important for cognitive function. Our research moms told us that they had happy babies after CFT/IDM. I want to add “smart” to that also.

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