Infant Dot Connecting

by Dr. Barry Gillespie and Krissy Myers
For the infant providers I like to put mom/dad to work by connecting the dots with me in CFT/IDM. If I am doing some infant pelvic work on mom’s lap, she can hold an upper body area like the lower jaw or hyoid bone. When she feels the craniosacral fascial strain release, she has an idea what her infant is going through. I strongly recommend that the parents become part of the healing process.

Mike and I do the same thing during our infant /toddler treatments and it is what we teach in our Pediatric Mentorship program. We have the parent hold the child on their lap and then have them hold a specific area of the body , which is usually a limb or somewhere in the trunk. This serves many purposes and advantages. ….honors mother/baby bond, keeps the baby connected to mother /parent physically, and allows the parent to become an active participant in their child’s healing. Finally, it is a great educational tool to help the parent understand CFT. By having the parent involved, they can feel the “before and after” of their child’s body firsthand. Sometimes it can be the most powerful educational tool.

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