Lactation – Nipple Shields

As far as breastfeeding, we found that 3 of the Missoula moms at our recent Baby Day program were using the nipple shield. At the fourth and last day we found that all of the babies were feeding well without it. We had done CFT/IDM on the infants and CFT on the breast tissue of some of the moms who were tight. One of the moms was in tears, she was so happy to see her child feeding well. Are there any lactation nurses out there to make this happen?

Today, if the newborn has difficulty nursing, mom is often to “blame”. There may be a lot of guilt around that issue. In CFT/IDM world the problem can primarily lie with strain in the head and neck of the newborn. So I believe there needs to be a shift of consciousness in the lactation world to move forward.

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