Neonatal Womb Twist

A mom unknowingly had an unusual three-dimensional uterine septum. It filled most of her uterus like a small container inside a larger one. Her fetus grew in the space in between.

During the developing stage, we believe that the fetus was constantly pressing against the septum. Our research strongly suggests that unrelenting compression can create significant fetal craniosacral fascial strain(s). Even though labor and delivery can be uneventful, this unseen force can adversely affect anyone’s health for a lifetime.

Her 22-month-old son had a HUGE pelvic onion. He army crawled, only by dragging his left leg, at 11 months. Now, he can not creep on his hands and knees, let alone stand/walk. His doctors were puzzled since everything appears normal. In 37 years of seeing infants, I had never seen such fascial restriction in a baby’s pelvis.

After NINE incredible hours of CFT on the left pelvis over many visits, his right hip started to release today. That strain had been hiding deep in his traumatic onion.

Recently she held him standing and could literally feel the fascial instability in his pelvis from the “womb twist” (mom’s description). He kicks well against gravity, and his doctors have said that his muscles are strong. But we all know that wherever there is muscle tissue, there may be tight fascia.

This child should have been evaluated with the Baby Brain Score (BBS) and treated with CFT at birth. For infant practitioners ANY infant can have a large onion; you just never know at the first visit. The goal is to educate the family on the importance of continuing CFT until becoming strain-free.

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