Nothing is impossible

I saw God at work this week in the beauty of Montana and the reshaping of an infant’s skull. Everyone at the class noticed that his cranium was lop-sided. The students at my table were beginners, their first patient. One had the shoulders and the other worked the pelvis. As the unwinding progressed, I could feel the bones shift with just holding the head. The students did it all in the craniosacral fascial system. With 2 other new students, there was even more realignment in further CFT. After this session, mom said without any prompting that the head-shape had changed. She had tears in her eyes. WOW. For years I had seen rebalancing happen over a series of weekly visits, NOT IN MINUTES. It is the most amazing aspect I have see in the work in 35 years. The visual…..no one can deny it. I am just blown away with the speed of the changes. Bottom line: Everything is possible.

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