Posterior Tongue Tie

Posterior tongue tie: I am treating a 10-day-old baby who has trouble nursing….mom uses a nipple shield. Usually with the tongue-tied babies the strain comes from the pelvis up the ventral surface into the throat and tongue. In this case the pelvic strain moved up the dorsal surface into the back of the neck and the floor of the mouth. Unexpectedly, there was severe strain from the back of the neck into the tongue. In CFT, the source of the problem may be distant from the actual problem. This goes back to our 6 years of research: We believe that most upper body problems in humans start in a strained pelvis…….As an aside, we saw 3 babies who nursed with a nipple shield in the Montana Baby Day program in July. At completion they all nursed well without it…….A final note, it seems that if the baby has a nursing issue, it is always on mom. We say probably not! We found in our research that the newborn had oral and throat strain. No one noticed or did anything to correct it. When that cleared, nursing was great. So let’s give mom a break.

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