Pyloric Stenosis

In our research we have found that CFT can correct an infant with pyloric stenosis. He/she will present with frequent projectile vomiting episodes. The medical problem consists of tightness in the pyloric sphincter muscle, which closes the opening from the stomach to the small intestine. Since the food cannot pass, the only exit is back up thru the mouth. If the condition persists with the infant having a low birth weight, surgery may be done to release the fibers of this muscle so the food can pass into the intestine. Clinically, we see a tremendous amount of craniosacral fascial strain in this area of the belly. We believe that CFT can be done before surgery to release the fascial strain in the pyloric sphincter muscle and correct the stenosis. The fascia is connected to every structural cell in the body. With any body structural condition, we need to consider the possibility of how fascial tightness can affect physiology.

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