Short cord and arching

Baby Day Post: Mike taught me something today. For 32 years he was the master “troubleshooter” electrician. Now he has taken this skill to Baby Day with Krissy. We saw an infant on the fifth visit today. She was doing really well except for some vomiting 1-2 hours after feeding. Mom said that the vomit was well-formed. Mike reasoned that if it was watery/bubbly, it would come up right away from strain in the oral/stomach area. If well-formed, it was digesting in the stomach for a while but had trouble proceeding into the intestines. Sure enough, clinically his theory held true to form. The upper body showed NO strain but the mid-back was arching and probably straining the spinal nerves controlling digestion. As an added factor, this baby had a short cord that pulled in the abdominal area creating strain……This has been our thought process in research for 5 plus years. We diligently do our work, carefully observe, find out what works best, and connect the dots to find out “why”. We encourage all of the Baby Day people to be likewise aware. We are focused on helping that one baby, who is our teacher, to learn how to help the millions of others on the planet with a similar condition. We are blessed.

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