Shoulder Dystocia and Earaches

Baby Day Post: Yesterday a mom brought in her 11-month-old child with a history of earaches. Mom wanted to go the natural route and avoid ear tube surgery for her, if possible. The birth was uneventful except that the newborn had shoulder dystocia. The child now presented with zero cycles and a slightly distorted head. In CFT she had tremendous craniosacral fascial strain from the upper back thru the neck and into the temporal bones. I showed mom how to do some massage in the area to help loosen the muscle part of the myofascial complex. I expect a good result over a series of visits. We see many cases of shoulder dystocia at Baby Day that clear out quickly with the newborn pectoral technique. Prevention at birth is so critical to avoid many problems later in life. What will it take for the world to get this concept?

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