Strabismus and Pelvic Strain

A 14-month-old baby with strabismus from Italy is visiting his Philadelphia aunt. I believe that the root of his eye issue is based in twisted pelvic craniosacral fascial strain. In CFT we deal with tight areas of the body. But even more importantly, we realize that an area may be tight because fascia from another distant area may be pulling on it. The craniosacral fascial system is all connected. Our infant research told us that pelvic fascia can pull on any above body structure.

In this case the aunt related that the doctors in Italy said that his trunk is twisted. In connecting the dots in our world, that twist appears to be corkscrewing up into his neck and left eye. Please remember that the four eye rectus and two eye oblique muscles have fascia. Craniosacral fascial strain in one muscle can create an eye imbalance and strabismus.

If I ruled the world, every newborn would have the BBS and CFT to be craniosacral fascial strain free asap. Eye surgery, which may be necessary for some children, would always be the last resort

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