Structural Immunity Never Gets Old

This is another shout out for “structural immunity”. A five-month-old boy had strong arching tendencies for 14 CFT visits. Mom patiently stuck it out until the end when his craniosacral fascial system cleared and relaxed. His brain cycle was then at 240 seconds.

Since then, mom said he has had some rough falls, and to her surprise, he recovered quickly without much fussing. But he had two very bad falls off a swing and down the stairs. When he cried hard at the time, she knew it was serious.

At today’s checkup visit his brain cycle was 220 seconds with some moderate neck fascial strain. Quite the resilient young man…after one CFT visit he was good to go. Our research showed us that this is what our CFT babies do.

Something very good happens structurally when CFT mitigates the effects of birth trauma early. With a well-functioning craniosacral fascial system we believe that young bodies can withstand trauma much better. We want every baby on the planet to have that advantage.

We are totally into happy and smart babies, but this “structural immunity” concept is huge. We will have to wait until the basic science research tells us why. For now, we just know that it is the clinical norm.

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