Structural Immunity Revisited

I want to revisit the 2/22/2012 Baby Day post on “Structural Immunity.” We reevaluated one of our babies today, now 18 months later. He presented as an infant with a zero Baby Brain Score (All 4 components were zero!) We see this score in less than 1% of all the babies, and his mother knew he was in trouble. CFT went great, and mom said this child was healthier over the 18 months than her older two, who had no CFT. About five weeks ago he fell off a wagon and landed on his right elbow. Dad could tell his arm was not broken, so as with most of the Amish families, there was no medical care. The boy kept the elbow locked for a week; it was too painful to touch. He started to move it by the second week, and by week three, he was back to normal. Now it is two weeks later, and he has 120 second cycles in sync and NO strain in his craniosacral fascial system, including his affected arm. I checked it twice. Of everything that we have discovered, this new concept of “structural immunity” may have the most important global ramification. The whole thing is incredible. I cannot wait for this to get out there……

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