The Brain Cycle

I have never seen any research studies showing the average brain cycle, but I feel that ten seconds (five seconds in expansion and five seconds in contraction) is about the average in America.

When we did the infant research, we found that babies were getting healthy and happy when they would reach the 100-200 second cycle range. When they came back for their one-year check up visit in good health, they would still be in that range.

When I work with children and adults in my office, most can easily get up to 150-200 seconds. Since we are on the cutting edge of the brain cycle universe, I cannot tell you what a “great” brain cycle is.

In 2010 I measured my cycle at 1200 seconds (ten minutes expanding, ten minutes contracting). Since then, I have slipped on the ice and cracked my head and have had two whiplash car accidents. Rebecca has worked on me to clear each of these traumas.

I recently measured my brain cycle at 1440 seconds (12 minutes expanding, 12 minutes contracting). I have no idea what that means, but I am reporting that I still can function at that cycle at 69 years-of-age. Maybe in decades to come, that may be the new normal. But for now we are sure that zero brain cycle is a tough place to live life for any human being. The brain has to breathe.

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