The Dairy Issue

Baby Day Post: The Dairy Issue. Our goal is for all newborns to be strain-free. We consistently have excellent results, but the one factor that we cannot control is the dairy-consuming mom. The milk protein in her crosses into the breast milk of the newborn. If the baby is intolerant to this protein, he/she may have indigestion, gas, constipation, and/or nasal stuffiness. He/she may also be fussy and not sleep well because of gas. If mom can eliminate dairy from her diet, the baby can then do well. If not, the child will be more likely to have earaches and allergies down the road. Our predicament is that many of our Amish moms run dairy farms! Also most secular American moms give their babies cow’s milk. I believe that is great for calves, but not for humans. But we do not tell parents what to do; we just make suggestions to help make their baby happier.

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