The Early Days of the Newborn Work

There may be a misconception that I discovered all of the newborn work and taught my people everything…..very NOT true. I spent almost a year creating the initial Baby Brain Score in 2006-7 (that turned into the 2009 medical article and my third book in 2010) and also formulating the initial CFT techniques from my 26 years of previous infant work. But I realized that the total scope and undertaking of the work was too vast for me to do alone. Christine Holefelder, Kristen Myers, Mike Myers, and others worked with me as a team to create the infant/toddler work we have today. As more people join with new ideas, we will all continue to move the work forward. We know that many discoveries are out there, especially in the hospital NICU world.

When you decide to take an infant/toddler seminar from these teachers, you are learning from the people who were at ground zero making the actual discoveries. I excluded myself as an infant/toddler teacher because I felt they could give a better seminar. I was never pregnant, never went through labor and delivery, never breastfed, and never cared for an infant….pretty clueless I would say from an experiential standpoint to teach others. Everyone needs to play their role, including me.

I feel that once the world finds out what we are up to, these teachers will be in great demand for this training. They well deserve it, having put in years of work for the collective at little or no pay. I am so happy they are doing such a great job. On my end, these years of discovery have been the best years of my life, and I hope to have many more discovery posts in the future. Thank you for all of your support.

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