The Eyes at Birth

Can CFT at birth prevent glasses? When I was a kid, I was near-sighted with 20/120 vision. I wore glasses all of the time all through my life. In 2003, I had a torn retina in my left eye. When the eye bled, I went blind for a few weeks. In the summer of 2004, the same eye tore in a second place, had a second bleed, and I went blind again. Two very respected Wills eye doctors said I needed extensive eye surgery beyond the laser work to save the left eye. I said no way, started CFT, and continued with my vegan juicing lifestyle……..Now at 65 in October 2012 I just returned from the original eye Dr. My vision is a perfect 20/20. As a matter of fact it was so sharp, I could see 20/15 in each eye. (20/10 was too tough.) No one at that office had ever heard of that ever happening before. I am so grateful for all of my students who worked on me over the years to peel my onion back to in utero. When I was discovering all of the benefits of CFT for everyone, I never gave it a thought that it would ever help me. The newborn questions are: Did in utero, labor, and delivery trauma cause my eye strain? If I had had CFT at birth, could I have avoided glasses? With everything I have experienced, I would have to say probably yes.

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