The Magnitude of Birth Trauma

The critical question arises: What % of babies are relatively strain-free at birth. Since we primarily saw fussy babies in our research, we could not investigate that question. We did find that at least 80% of our babies had a zero brain cycle, which we found shocking. But we can look at Dr. Viola Frymann’s newborn research from 1966. She is hands-down the most well-known cranial osteopathic physician in the world today; she was one of my teachers 35 years ago.

Dr. Frymann evaluated and treated 1250 newborns in the Midwest and found that about 90% had strain at birth. Only about 10% had healthy craniosacral function. This brilliant research was the driving force for me to jump into the newborn craniosacral fascial world in 2006. After seeing children with issues for decades, I felt this had to be a huge untapped global problem. I believed that if we could find safe and effective answers in our research, the human race would benefit immensely. Thank you Dr. Frymann for showing us the way. smile emoticon

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