The mom’s talk

by Kristina Griffing and Barry Gillespie
Baby Day in Dover yesterday. I treated babies by myself yesterday for 3.5 hours. I was the first baby day I have done alone, so I took the time to ask the moms if they could say one thing about the changes they have seen over the past 4 treatments. I was moved each and every time a mother spoke. Words from a mother are so powerful. Several mothers told me they cant just say one thing. I was speechless. I can feel the difference in the babies, but nothing speaks louder than a mothers testimonial. So, some of the statements I heard are as follow: “I NEVER expected my baby could be so happy and content!” “He is a completely different baby and everyone at church just keeps commenting on how happy my son is now. When we came here for treatment, I really didn’t think too much of his gas and reflux…just seemed normal to me.” ” I thought when my son nursed poorly it was because he wasn’t really getting enough milk or wasn’t very interested, but now he is nursing quickly and is laying still while nursing.” “This treatment has changed our family’s life!!!” “I just cant believe how happy and independent my baby is now. He is always cooing and smiling!” This work is so amazing and so rewarding! Just imagine a world filled with happy babies, all within weeks of birth! Its coming people!

Barry Gillespie
For those of you who do not know Kris, she took my 3 day seminar in Sept 2010. Now she runs Baby Day in Dover, Delaware! In this organization you can move up fast! Haha…I have treated babies all over North America, and there are two things that strike me. First mothers seem to accept as normal babies who cannot nurse well, have colic, reflux, gas, indigestion, constipation, poor napping, and who are generally fussy. That thought process is being changed now. Secondly, mothers will drive this work globally. There is no question. Who cares the most about the newborn??? Once this gets out and we reach a tipping point, everything will change. I want to thank all of you in this Facebook group. You are all pioneers to make this a better planet.

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