The Philosophy of Our Infant Approach

For the infant providers and moms, this piece from our infant research article on the homepage explains our approach well:

“CFT/IDM is gentle and non-invasive. The provider softly feels for connective tissue or fascial restrictions without manipulating the newborn. No force is applied to adjust the infant.

The newborn drives his/her own movement by stretching, bending, flexing, extending (arching), or twisting while the practitioner gently allows, supports, follows, and feels the soft tissues of the body release.

The newborn can beautifully let go of his/her emotional and physical traumas with complete freedom without any adult social filters. Like a tight spring gently unwinding, s(he) can relax and heal. The goal of the BBS/CFT/IDM model is to create a strain-free, thriving, and happy baby.”

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