The Tongue and the Craniosacral Fascial System

A six-year-old child presented with eczema and sensitivity to clothing. These are not the typical CFT issues, but mom had such a good result with her baby that she wanted her older child checked too. The pregnancy was stressed culminating in a 32-hour labor. The infant had an umbilical hernia at birth. A latch issue and breastfeeding problems presented immediately with colic and reflux later. She had lip and tongue revisions by a well-known doctor that had no effect. Mom related that the surgery may have caused her more distress.

In CFT she had light pelvic and trunk strains with nothing special until mom and I tackled the tongue today. Wow, it was fierce. Not only did the neck strain hard, but the entire craniosacral fascial system became extremely tight from her trunk down into her legs. She was kicking the table hard during therapy in distress. It was like her body was dealing with the above issues all at once. She and mom “rode the CFT bull” hard; it was a very difficult session for both.

Recently, I have talked about superficial fascia, that layer just below the epithelium. If this were strained all over her body as part of the craniosacral fascial system, could it cause eczema and sensitivity to clothing? If the system were released, would these conditions resolve? Good questions…….

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