TMJ, Strabismus, Torticollis, Spinal Misalignment, and Scoliosis

Our newborn research strongly suggests that the seeds of the structural conditions of TMJ, strabismus, torticollis, spinal misalignment, and scoliosis are sown at birth. As the infants released their twisting fascial strains at Baby Day, we sensed that a lifetime of suffering was being mitigated. We found that these conditions can start with pelvic restriction that works up into the trunk, neck, and head with unique strain patterns. We believe that the golden hour concept (5/25/2012 post) applies directly to birth trauma. If a professional can identify and address it as soon as possible with the BBS and CFT/IDM, the best possible outcome can result. As time passes through infancy, that window of opportunity closes. We also found that the concept of structural immunity (2/22/2012 and 7/25/2012 posts) applies when the work is done as soon as possible after birth. We believe that when professionals do the BBS and CFT/IDM at birth, these structural conditions will be greatly diminished.

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