Baby Day Post: When I graduated in 1975 as a TMJ/periodontal specialist, I thought I knew everything about TMJ. As I started practicing and looked at many clinical failures, I humbly realized that I had no clue. It made me open to a different way of thinking. Now 37 years later with our baby research, we are finding that most cases start out at birth as pelvic strain patterns traveling and restricting other tissues in the craniosacral fascial system on route to the jaws. The goal is to help the body get the system working well and a lot of good things will happen. Usually both joints have the same strain pattern, but occasionally they may be different. Also sometimes a patient may have a pure TMJ problem without pelvic involvement that is affecting the rest of the body. The beauty of the BBS/CFT is that it is all about prevention. Let’s help the newborn release the fetal and birth strains directly at birth to prevent a lifetime of suffering.

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