Torticollis and the Baby Brain Score (BBS) and CFT/IDM

We are now seeing an awakening of the effectiveness of CFT/IDM for babies with torticollis. From our infant research since 2006, it strongly appears that birth trauma causes torticollis. At birth this condition would cause enough restriction of the craniosacral fascial system to have a subpar Baby Brain Score (BBS) mandating CFT/IDM immediately. Thus, this child would have therapy at ten minutes of age, even before anyone suspects or diagnoses torticollis. If CFT/IDM is done daily, the torticollis strain patterns would be worked out in a few days before the signs of the disease could even manifest.

The point of this post is that if trauma causes torticollis and all babies are checked and treated at birth, the disease would be very rare or even non-existant. If someone contracted torticollis later in toddlerhood, the first question would be, did you have the BBS and CFT/IDM at birth? At that point I believe our work would become the standard of care for all babies……our global goal.

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