Trauma onion starting very early and causing issues later

Baby work post: Two examples of the trauma onion starting very early and causing issues later. Yesterday I evaluated a teen. I got to the throat and felt the fascia straining and sucking in hard towards the spine. The patient grimaced. “Did she have reflux at birth?”, I quickly asked. Startled, dad said, “Yes, very severe for 9 months, but she grew out of it.””It is still there,” I said. Dad connected the dots and said, “Well, she now has occasional heartburn.”…..I evaluated a young child today. I got to the ankles and there was unusual strain, a lot of unwinding. Mom told the following bizarre story. The child was in NICU for 2 months and had her ankles strapped down tightly, enough to leave marks on the skin to the present day. She and dad thought that was unusual but never said anything (first child). Now the child has foot issues and her DC recommended support inserts. I suggested let’s get the strain out first and see what happens……. What would life be like if all these strains were cleared at birth? What would the world be like?

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